My Priorities

I’m proud of my work on the Fargo Human Rights Commission

Workforce, housing, and childcare issues are priorities for me. We need to listen to our experts, and bring them to the table in our community discussions. As a business co-owner and Senior Community Impact Manager for a local nonprofit, I’ve been a part of some of those discussions already, and I’ve seen success. And effective solutions start with leaders willing to bring innovative solutions to tackle community issues.

Workforce Development
I’ve worked hard to get Fargo residents to work. I helped spearhead a program to provide transportation to hundreds of hardworking Fargoans from their homes to their workplace. The Fargo City Commission should do all it can to help people get to work and secure well-paying jobs.

Homelessness is a major problem in Fargo. We have a chance to make real meaningful change for houseless individuals. By investing in helping our houseless population, we can make positive change in our community and help give vulnerable families and individuals a leg up in everyday life.

Childcare Needs
The pandemic has made childcare a huge priority for families- parents are strained balancing their jobs and home lives, and we need to make sure families, especially low income families, have resources to help alleviate the burden so they can maintain a healthy work/home balance.